Optical Ground Station 80cm: OGS 800

We offer a fully functional optical ground station with a 80cm-aperture telescope. The OGS 800 includes a telescope, mount, and enclosure. All functionalities for applications in QKD and laser-communication (such as accurate tracking, tip-tilt mirrors, initial alignment) are given. The operational wavelength regime ranges from 500 nm to 1700 nm.

In order to receive QKD signals from a satellite we offer our in-house designed quantum receiver for wavelengths of 800 nm and 1550 nm. Each quantum receiver is available for demodulation in either the polarization or time degree of freedom, depending on your specific needs. The quantum-state analysis and single-photon detectors allow for high-performance quantum-communication applications from space with very low polarization error and timing jitter.

Shipping and installation at the customer premises are included in this package. Contact us for further information and a detailed technical spec sheet.

Price and leadtime on request. 

Vou can download our product note here: OGS 800 product note