World-renowned researchers joined forces to push forward the application of quantum communication in industrial implementation. Over the last 20 years, their combined knowledge has led to groundbreaking results and several world records in quantum communication in scientific research. In a field that many thought would never be suitable for economic applications, they brought results that facilitated the use of quantum encryption in the economic environment today. Their research findings laid the foundation for the many industrial applications that the digital society needs to secure its data at the dawning of quantum computing.

Quantum Technology Laboratories GmbH (qtlabs) was founded in 2017 by Dr. Thomas Scheidl, Dr. Fabian Steinlechner, Mag. Sam L. Tschernitz and Dr. Rupert Ursin as a startup and engineering firm in the field of quantum communication and cryptography. Our team shares the vision of advancing quantum communications from proof-of-concept experiments to commercial applications.