Terrestrial QKD

Our expertise covers not only the transmission of the quantum state via optical free-space links (terrestrial or satellite-based) but also purely fiber-based systems. The development of a global quantum communication network has already begun. Several metropolitan QKD systems are already available, and others are in development. In parallel, the completion of quantum computers is progressing steadily with massive funding. The implementation and commissioning of quantum computers bring significant advantages. Added to this is the danger that large quantum computers could render current communication systems defenseless.

The optical fibers will enable quantum communication in a metropolitan region in the short- and medium-term, including some neighboring cities in the few hundred-kilometer distance scale. The last mile to the customers requires a particular cost-effective implementation of a quantum network.

Firstly, effective quantum communication infrastructure and hardware need to be designed, implemented, and deployed tailored to the need of qtlabs customers. The better we understand the used-needs, the more we can contribute to a future-proof and quantum-safe infrastructure. Existing and deployed telecommunication fibers are usable for distributing quantum cryptographic keys. Hardware is partly existing on the market and will experience a considerable boost in the future, raising the technical readiness level (TRL) to industrial standards at high key generation speeds.

Secondly, the development of the quantum internet is a major technological challenge. New protocols are being developed in-house and in their scientific literature. Scalable networks, network management, and embedding this in existing public infrastructure and our clients’ infrastructure are among our goals.

With our research work and numerous scientific publications, qtlabs is one of the community’s leading drivers. Hence, we are your partner in future designing, implementing, and managing such networks.

Terrestrial QKD